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Paleo Diet Review – Is It Healthy to Eat Like Caveman?

By HW Insider / March 4, 2016

You’ve probably been hearing about the Paleo Diet for a while now – perhaps even know a few friends who are on it. The Paleo, or the “Caveman” diet is popular in some circles, but with any diet, it is important to ask if it is safe.  So, the big question in this Paleo Diet […]


The Ultimate Grocery List for Weight Loss On A Budget

By HW Insider / March 2, 2016

Struggling to let go of a few extra pounds?  With all the fad diets and misinformation out there it can be hard to know which way to turn when it comes to weight loss. There are some effective programs out there – and there is a lot of trash that doesn’t work, isn’t sustainable and/or […]