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How to Get in Shape Working Out at Home

By HW Insider / January 2, 2017

You want to get in shape but really HATE going to the gym?  No worries. There are lots of ways to exercise without the hassle and cost of a gym membership. You can even exercise at home and still get a great work out as long as you commit yourself. Benefits of Working Out at […]


6 Stretches To Relieve Tight Hips – How To Have A Happy Hip Flexor

By HW Insider / August 11, 2016

Hip flexor stretches for tight hips Stretches for tight hips should be part of your daily routine. Hips are one of the busiest joints in the body, supporting our torso, stabilizing our pelvis and carrying us around… running, climbing stairs, sitting, standing, walking, squatting – you name it. You probably do not give them much […]


Benefits of Bikram Yoga – Is It “Hot” Or Not

By HW Insider / February 16, 2016

Wondering about the benefits of Bikram Yoga? Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga are becoming increasingly popular in the yoga industry. You may have heard about Bikram Yoga and want to know more about it.  But, before you go running off to the next available class in your neighborhood, there are a few things you should know. […]