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The Mediterranean Diet And Why You Should Be Eating Like This

By HW Insider / November 7, 2016

What is the Mediterranean Diet and Why is it So Good? The Mediterranean Diet has been touted as one of the healthiest diets in the world and for good reason. It is based on the diets in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea such as Greece, France, Morocco and Italy. Studies have shown that the Mediterranean […]


Is Coffee Good for You? The Great Caffeine Myth

By HW Insider / July 19, 2016

Is Coffee Good Or Bad For Your Health? Is Coffee really good for you? Will you ignore the answer if turns out it’s not? Here at HWINSIDER we cherish our morning cup of joe. If you are among the millions of devout coffee lovers, you know how precious that morning coffee ritual is. The aroma […]


Paleo Diet Review – Is It Healthy to Eat Like Caveman?

By HW Insider / March 4, 2016

You’ve probably been hearing about the Paleo Diet for a while now – perhaps even know a few friends who are on it. The Paleo, or the “Caveman” diet is popular in some circles, but with any diet, it is important to ask if it is safe.  So, the big question in this Paleo Diet […]


Do You Really Need to Take a Multivitamin Every Day?

By HW Insider / February 29, 2016

Somewhere along the way, someone in your life has told you how important it is to take your vitamins. Whether it was your mother, your doctor, your grandmother, or a spokesperson on TV, you learned that vitamins play an important part in maintaining good health. With vitamin sales being a multi-billion dollar industry, you may […]


How to Bring Blood Sugar Down – 7 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

By HW Insider / February 20, 2016

Why Do I Need Sugar In My Blood? If you are looking for ways how to bring blood sugar down, there are a few things you need to know first. Blood sugar (glucose) comes from food. It’s your body’s main source of energy. These sugars are carried to the cells throughout your body by your […]